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The Compañeras Program was established in 2003. Its mission is to promote the quality of life of women who speak Spanish, by promoting their personal and family well-being in an inclusive and safe space.


Compañeras works to promote and strengthen a cultural solidarity with an emphasis on companionship, respect, equality and mutual support amongst women.


The Compañeras program meets weekly to discuss and inspire ideas and to empower immigrant women to construct their own actions and to validate their own views of contradiction between the socio-cultural myths and their own socially oppressive experience.


AMISTAD believes that when one person shares their experience and knowledge, others become more involved and dedicated and discover new ways to become active in their community. 

This is Compañeras!


As part our our community initiative "Wellness, Health & Education", the Compañeras Program continues with their Model for Building Healthy Communities. This program highlights the role of grassroots community leaders called Promotoras de Salud in engaging families, particularly low-income and immigrant families, to improve the built environment, increase awareness about factors that affect health, and transform their communities so that all persons can thrive.

The Compañeras program includes the annual Compañeras Summit to increase leadership, education and empowerment for women and youth.

the annual Compañeras Summit
the annual Compañeras Summit

Annually, the Compañeras program hosts an annual Compañeras Summit, or Cumbre, to increase leadership, education and empowerment for women and youth.


The Cumbre is an event for women by women who speak Spanish.  


In 2017, 11 years after its first summit in 2006, over 270 women and youth attended the summit.


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