our collaboration philosophy

One of AMISTAD’S primary objectives is to serve as one of the great collaborative models in our community – to bring immigrant children and families from all backgrounds together, working toward a common cause and the common good. 


In January 2013 AMISTAD adopted a new community initiative - Health, Wellness & Education. Why? Well because healthy kids make better students and better students make healthy communities!


Children are the future of our community and it is our responsibility to support their well-being. Through this initiative we will provide ways for children and their families to live a healthier life, to have access to physical activities and sports, to be successful at school, to have parents involved in their children’s academic and health education and to achieve a higher quality of life.


The components of our initiative are: Prevention of Obesity of Latino Children; Academic Support; Health Education & Prevention; Parent Involvement; Physical & Mental Health and Access to Physical Activities and Sports.

our collaborations

key collaborators:


program partnerships:

Escuela de Padres y Madres​

  • Boulder Housing Partners

  • University of Colorado at Boulder, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience

  • Boulder Valley School District

Goals For Your Health & Education

  • Boulder Indoor Soccer

  • Boulder County Soccer Club

  • Running Lilly Coaching

  • The Corner Boxing Club

Promotoras de Salud

  • Peoples Clinic

  • Boulder Food Rescue

  • Boulder County Public Health


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